Acne is an obstructive problem because sebaceous secretion is stuck inside the skin. This sebum feeds bacteria that grow in excess. 80% of people have suffered some kind of acne sometime. There are several kinds of acne:

Comedogenic Acne

CIt is recognized by comedones around the area of the forehead and the nose. It is usually the presentation pattern of acne in puberty or very young people. The best way to solve it is through procedures that reduce OBSTRUCTION, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels

Pustular Acne

In this kind of acne, pimples and red spots appear, usually on the cheeks of the face. There are more bacteria and a good treatment is LEDs, that reduce this overgrowth of microorganisms. 

Nodular Cystic Acne

As acne worsens, there are big nodules that will leave scars. This requires medication that will be explained in the office.

Perioral Acne

In this case acne is mainly located around the mouth. This is typical for women in between 30 and 40 years old. 

Acne Estivalis

This acne is specifically produces in the summer. It is due to the increase in the thickness of the skin that stops sebaceous secretion from being drained. 

Iatrogenic Acne.

Secondary to the intake of certain drugs. The most striking feature is that it affects areas other than the face, like the back, the bottom...


At CDDF we work on the several causes of acne:

  • Reducing sebaceous secretion through RETINOIDS
  • Reducing the thickness of the skin with procedures such as CHEMICAL PEELS  and MICRODERMABRASION (+ INFO)
  • Destroying bacteria and reducing the inflamation with a natural method, without drugs: LEDs